Crowd-Mask Campaign

My heart aches reading about an old uncle digging garbage to find mask so he won’t get RM1,000 fine. I can’t sleep reading this, thus I decide to make this Crowd-Mask Initiative. In Nazkids, we had been tweaking our service into providing reusable face mask to keep our business alive and support our women community here in Jitra. Now, we would like to give back to our beloved country.

Why Crowd-Mask?

Starting 1st August 2020, wearing a mask is compulsory, or pay RM1,000 fine. But how about marginalized community around us? We might say disposable mask is only RM1.50 each, it’s cheap for us. How about those who could not afford, who have big families to support, who earn money day by day just to survive ?

We said leave no behind, but how can we help ?

Yes, we agree on the enforcement for people to wear face mask in public space. RM1,000 fine does look strict. What are the real reason some of them don’t use mask ? Maybe they can’t afford it.

What if they earn minimum wage RM1,100 or even less, and local authority found them not wearing mask in public ?

Let us “Mask-Up” everyone, let us take care of each other and fight this pandemic together.

How to execute Crowd-Mask

For every RM5 donated, we will give out one 3-ply reusable face mask, be it kid or adult size, to the needy. 

We will be collaborating with any individuals, NGO or organizations at grass root level to distribute the masks around Malaysia.

Let us keep the spirit of #kitajagakita to fight this pandemic together as a country.

Why compete when we can collaborate – we are also looking for any group that are able to provide 3-ply face mask in bulk at price of RM5. Thus, the masks will not be only provided by Nazkids, but also other tailors community.

If you know any community or would like to distribute it to your community, hit us up, let’s connect and make this happen!

Let’s Make This Happen!

There are TWO ways for you to do call to action:

Our Mask

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