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All baby product are made with love with women community in Jitra, Kedah. Please browse our Product gallery to purchase online

Nazkids is a social enterprise where we empower women by train the young ladies in Jitra, Kedah and these baby products made by them is sell online. When you make a purchase, you just not buy a product, you are also directly empowering these women too! So happy Shopping !
husna - founder of nazkids

“Love the material, my baby loves it too!”

“My baby fall asleep wearing it, he is so comfortable”

“Suspicious about the material at first but it was soft, not shining and importantly it is cool and not hot for my baby to wear”

“Good services and high quality of product with, the details is perfect”

Be it for your precious Akikah day or birthday or even to attend any function, Nazkids make your baby standout during the day.

Our product range from baby tengkolok, baby sampin, baby baju melayu and baby jubah which all started with size 0 for newborn under 30days. Specifically for your newborn baby.

Nazkids Collection

Browse our store to view the different colors of fabric and songket for you to choose.  Click on our Instagram – Nazkids to view pics of baby wearing Nazkids.

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